The Iron Snake  (Fiction)

5.5in x 8.5in, 384 pages,  Paper,  Retail  $16.95 

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   ...a fascinating and well-written glimpse into colonial Africa, a good mix of history, romance and adventure...  Barbara Esstman, (Night Ride Home, ABC Movie Special and the 200th Hallmark Hall of Fame by Hallmark Productions.) 


It is 1897, during the last few years of Victoria's reign at the height of the Empire, a period marred by unrest in Africa, and the Kenya Colony is an exciting world of hate, passion, loyalty and violence. Stories abound about the wild nature of the railroad line, shaky wooden trestle bridges over enormous chasms, man-eating lions pulling railway workers out of carriages at night, and back home the British Parliament is upset that construction of what the Africans call the Iron Snake will never return the enormous investment. The tabloid term, Lunatic Express, seems to fit.  Join the brave, spirited Alice McConnell and a host of other fascinating,  passionate characters as they witness Africa's first steps into the modern era, and in the process, the transformation of their own lives.

Island of Pigs (Fiction)


July 2013 - 6in x 9in, 318 pages,  Paper,  Retail  $16.00 ISBN-13: 978-1484070444; now at Amazon (  and soon to be a Kindle e-book


A thriller with an interweaving of a romantic sub-story, it also

involves mutant pigs, wealthy Bostonians driven by greed, headhunters and a tropical island in the South China Sea.  Is any of this grounded in reality?  Just three years ago Dayaks in Indonesian Borneo were slaughtering hundreds of persons in Kalimantan, cutting off heads and carving out the hearts of victims.  New pig breeding and genetic engineering programs are underway in the USA, and elsewhere, to provide a cost effective source of organs compatible to the human species.  Can or will genetic anomalies arise during this process?  Buckminster Fuller perhaps answered that question when he said, We are not natures only experiment.  Would wealthy Bostonians likely be involved in such things?  That has to be one of the few points I leave to the readers imagination.

     Mutant pigs, evolving in a wild, forested area cause havoc on a tropical island in the South China Sea.  The pigs were originally meant for organ transplants performed on older Americans who will pay anything for a new life.  As the main characters become involved in deadly and very bloody experiences, they uncover the perverse secrets of the head of the Piper family, a wealthy old Bostonian driven by greed, and the Krian family, native to the island, driven by revenge, who suffer a band of headhunters to roam the area taking trophy heads at will.


John Gaudet


A botanist, ecologist and gourmet cook, he has lived and worked in India, Malaysia, India, Korea, Uganda, Kenya, Long Island, Rhode Island, Berkeley and Washington, DC area. Trustee and Vice Chairman of LakeNet a global network of over 600 organizations dedicated to the conservation and sustainable development of the worlds lake ecosystems in more than 100 countries.  (


See more on his web site ( and at  AmericanChronicle ( HubPages   (  He is married to the grand-daughter of the famous lion hunter and author, J.A. Hunter, whose books provide much of the inspiration for Johns lectures as well as the background for his novel The Iron Snake a book about an African railroad, rogue lions and life in colonial Kenya.


The African theme makes up much of his earlier writing such as the story Man-Eaters Didnt Die, an article accessed by over 11,000 viewers ( that draws on Gaudets interest in the practical tropical ecology.